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Here I want to share with you guys one of the easiest projects I have tackled.  To me an entrance to a home should be clean, fresh and have somewhat of an organization system because sometimes it can be the craziest place of your home and where things get thrown, kind of like the junk drawer in a kitchen.  I had been scanning Pintrest as I do everyday and finally came up with the urge for a sleek bench that I could be dressed up for any season, also not expensive.  Some benches that I have seen online were running around $200-$500 – I don’t think so!  I also had some gold hexagon mirrors that I was dying to use somewhere, so I thought this could be a good project to smooth together.

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First stop – home depot for some materials.

– 1 piece of 1.5″ thick wood (11″x60″)

– 2 pieces 1.5″ thick wood (11″x20″)

($14 each for 2 pieces of 11″x8′ cut down to needed dimensions)

– 4 large brackets ($8/each)

– 1″ screws x 24 (6 for each bracket)

– 24 washers to go with screws

– “Ebony” MiniWax stain ($7)

– 4 gold hooks (had on hand)

Other Stops:

– Set of gold hexagon mirrors – Ikea ($15)

– Plant – Ikea ($2 !!!) – also very cheap similar ones at home depot.

– Black and white Pillow – Ikea ($5)

– Metal basket – target ($20)

– Blue ceramic bowl – target sale item! ($6)

First I sanded all of the pieces and edges for a smoother paint job.  After I had a nice smooth surface to paint on I applied the Ebony stain.  While I was waiting for that to dry I spray painted the brackets and screws with a metallic gold spray paint.  I had to let the wood dry for a day or two it took long to soak into the wood.  From there I screwed on the brackets about 1.5″ in from the edge.  If your not using a hand drill it’s nice to have a man in the house to do the last bit of tightening!  I love the gold and dark wood combination.  The hardest part was waiting for it to dry to put it all together!  For the rest of the decor, I pre set out the mirrors and hooks to achieve the design that I liked first, and then hung them up.  I love that it is easily changeable for the seasons, I can change out the pillow(s), add fresh flowers in the spring, the entrance is your oyster!


{ Happy diy-ing! }

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