– 1 –

Fill bowls with leftover decorations, it adds a nice touch for a centerpiece on a table or a nook that needs some extra holiday spirit.


– 2 –

Add branches in empty vases.  You can have a variety of branches in different vases or keep the branches the same while changing up the vase style.  Using different textures will add depth and warmth to the space, even if its with glass vases!


– 3 –

Add in winter photography, or whimsical Christmas artwork to the home.  I have a few select pieces that I always change up at Christmas, it adds that extra touch.  Pick artwork that really warms your heart, or ever better go out and take the pictures yourself to make them extra meaningful with the ones you love.  Make a day out of it to make it an extra special memory.  img_70916182bc27c29e7ecccaac41b090feec87via7d202667b3d0ac14ecd3a81fc6457099viaa55b5ebf0aeca49bd9908c8edf337e06via

– 4 –

Perfecting the bar cart.  This may be one of my favorite spaces; not just for the fancy drinks.  I love the eclectic look that bar carts give, in this space you really have a chance to play and be creative.  Your relatives will also thank you for this!


– 5 –

Ambiance.  More is MORE!  Different types of lighting adds so much depth and warmth to a space.  1. different sizes of candles displayed on a tray. 2. string lights are great to add to any space that needs some extra love, or on a table center piece. 3. Candles inside of jars or glass lanterns. 4. string lights over archways with garland, or down stair banisters. 5 tall candles candles for table centerpieces.



– 6 –

Entertaining.  Having enough jars, plates, platters etc. is very important.  Keep things simple and neutral and let the food and decorations speak for themselves.  To add a bit of character try changing up the silverware to gold or black plated for an extra kick.  We all know the holidays are for numerous amounts of naughty drinks.  To stick with theme I always like having the correct cups for each style of drink.  You can find


– 7 –

Holiday treats in acropachy jars are a nice decor piece for the kitchen or dining space.  White or clear jars in different styles add extra character.

holiday-home-tour-monika-hibbs-6via (Monika Hibbs)

– 8 –

Throw pillows and throw blankets are a quick switch to dramatically change up a space & add extra warmth.  I like to keep everything neutral with a few pops of the the chosen holiday colors of the year.


– 9 –

This year I am LOVING the idea of the Christmas tree in a box or basket.  If you have a smaller space where you can’t have a big tree, the tree looks so sad, it just adds some personality to the tree instead of standing alone.



– 10 –

Garland adds SO much Christmas character to a space.  The trick is to not overdue it.  A few spaces that garland works really well in 1. stair banister 2. draped over an archway 3. mirrors  4. fireplace.  You can also try adding in some ornament garland that can be fun in a space!


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